Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Seeing in while looking out, is that it?
Standing at my kitchen window 
I hear song and bells. 
See the light. Wonder at faith. 
I hold unseen love against my bones
and unpolished granite stone.
A narrow path takes me where I want to go
and trees hang over the way. 
There are flowers and weeds: 
The weeds don't know the difference.
Nor do the lilies. I am still learning. 



Monday, April 25, 2022

Hold on for dear life 
my grandmother, Annie 
said to me, but not just me
me: hanging by a thread
up a creek, no paddle
with the last straw
in the spur of a moment
eating my words
for a new lease on life
a real piece of work
with a pie-eating grin
singing la de da!!



Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022

endangered for its ivory
enraged for good reason
endless hunt for things 

the heads on the walls
things we can't unsee
or understand but want

to honor and remember


sculpture artist : clay babic 


Friday, December 31, 2021


January 2022

another image to capture cold

to feel stillness and starkness

to know home isn't a place 

but maybe a time in our lives 

when we need quiet and beauty

it takes time to witness an icicle 

to wonder which drop will hold on

my hand against the windowpane

comes away cold with laced lines

my life line is curved and longer 

on one hand

it's the one I reach for you with



Wednesday, December 1, 2021


December arrives in all her frosty glory hanging lace prayer shawls from trees & powerlines & the wonder & beauty teach you to shut the mouth & open the heart. The ground crunches to remind she is being walked upon. You are being held. She allows diamonds on your eyelashes & the tiny hairs in the nose you almost forgot you had. Don't Forget, she reminds: These things make the will of your life.  

These are your things: Cold feet. Chapped hands in wool mittens. Slower walks. Darkness. 

Do not let them go unnoticed. Cherish how she silently covers the earth & you with sparkles. 


Sunday, October 31, 2021

 Soul of a Tree

Nothing can be healed 
until you lean into it. 

The woods know 
the secret, 
you see it often; 

 quiet wisdom, 
 the trust of falling.

Monday, October 4, 2021

October 2021


More than More

stands and ropes
forever precious 
memories of her
 teeth across 
luster & shine
salt and rain
licking lips 
placing jewels
 over her head
eyes sparkling
then my turn